About us

Just a neurodivergent family, helping other neurodivergent families

Lauren Elisabeth
(she/her) 🏳️‍🌈

I started my artistic journey as a teen, tracing and drawing posters of people before I began in my 20’s writing fantasy short stories for my children. At 35, I discovered my hidden talents, by accident, after a stroke stole my memories and my mind’s eye. 
Since 2020, I have been creating digital portraits, amassing a portfolio of over 400 awesome (not to toot my own horn) works of art.

With resilience, (according to my kids,)  I have navigated the unique challenges of raising five neurodiverse children while being neurodiverse myself, with as much grace as I can muster. I am also physically disabled which is challenging at the best of times but I make do.

Trying to synthesise my parental insights and extensive research into self-help literature, I have authored over 45 books to date.

My creations are shared to TikTok, where I invite others to see my artistic stuff, enriching the world with my unique perspective and boundless creativity.


The Mother/Artist

Age 5

 Ezra (he/him)

This is Ezra, my youngest of five. He is five-years-old with Autism and Hyperlexia. He is the inventor of the initial idea of The Calming Colours Method. Ezra's interests include playing in the garden, going to the park and exploring nature, and learning new things, especially space and technology facts. He has a reading comprehension of 10 years old and he enjoys watching 'Bluey' and 'Gabby's Dollhouse.' His favourite computer games are 'My Singing Monsters' and 'Cut The Rope,’ and he loves to play chess. He's a big fan of Disney movies, with 'Tangled,' 'Big Hero 6,' 'Mars Needs Moms,' and 'The Good Dinosaur' being his favourites. He has a kitten called Ember whom he loves so much.

Alys (any pronouns)


Alys is my eldest child. They are twenty years old and enjoy writing, reading, cozy DS games and activities that don’t require them to leave their bed. They can often be found listening to music on full blast, pampering their child (cat) and staring at empty Word documents waiting for their novel to finish itself. 

Age 20

Age 15

Seth (he/him)

Seth is my middle child, and my researcher. If there’s anything you want to know about, Seth is the one to ask. He stores information in that big brain of his with elephant-like precision. He enjoys computer games like Rayman and My Singing Monsters. He thinks Disney is overrated. He spends his free time watching video essays, documentaries and his favourite TV show currently is Doctor Who. Seth enjoys engineering and wants to be an engineer and inventor when he grows up. He wants to backpack around the world before embarking on a degree though. He wants to move to Norway as an adult.

Koda (he/him)

Koda is my eldest son. He wants to be a mechatronics engineer. (Robotics.) He also enjoys physics and maths and he is learning computer science at the moment. In his free time he likes tutoring A level and GCSE students. He has just started learning to drive and he is at university doing a degree and he hopes to be a robotics and mechatronics inventor and scientist. He loves rock and alternative music and enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend. 

Age 17

Age 12

Kaia (she/they) 🏳️‍🌈

Kaia is Lauren’s youngest daughter. She loves to draw and ride her bike. She enjoys playing games like Roblox and Minecraft. She is very anti-racist, feminist and has many friends. She is enjoying high school, using her big brain for good. She loves to learn and help other children learn, especially other neurodivergent children. She loves to create and uses The Calming Colours Method to help with her anxiety and big feelings. She enjoys maths and art.

Who We Are

Just a bunch of Neurodivergent and intelligent kids with their mum

Our family made books are specially written to acknowledge and aid neurodivergent children. We know what works because we have experience in person with developmental delays, high IQs and low EQs (social skills and emotional quotient.)

In our books, you will gain the benefit of knowing how to help your child and yourself to live a much calmer life and have the skills and tools to help your child move through big feelings.

This method fits perfectly with gentle and positive parenting techniques. We do not advocate for fear or smacking your child, this method will give you a way to stop fear from developing between you and your child. If you have a partner or spouse, it is a very good idea for you both to use this method.

“We are just 7 neurodivergent family members working together for neurotypical and neurodiverse youth.” - Lauren Elisabeth

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