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Welcome to The Calming Colours Method website! Here you will find all the information about the books, the program and how it can help you, your child or if you are a teacher, your students. Aimed at neurodiverse and neurotypical children, aged 2 and up into teenage years, you could find a way to bridge the gap and finally have a method of gentle parenting techniques that works for most children. Lauren Elisabeth, an artist and author based in England, together with her five neurodivergent children (named Alex, Koda, Seth, Kaia, and Ezra,) have developed a unique method inspired by an unexpected source.


Fifi, The Autistic Fox

Fifi is a young fox who has autism. She has big feelings and sometimes she lashes out, but it’s not her fault. Sometimes, having autism can be a wonderful way to see the world, and sometimes we get overwhelmed and upset, and that’s okay too. We are allowed to feel our big feelings, we just need to focus them into the right method, so we don’t hurt ourselves or someone else.
This is the first story book for The Calming Colours Method series.

The idea originated from Lauren's youngest child, Ezra, who was only four years old at the time and is suspected to have Autism with Hyperlexia. Despite his young age, Ezra displayed exceptional intelligence, prompting theories of giftedness. Ezra's educational journey took an unexpected turn when the school he attended proved unable to effectively support him. Regrettably, he endured recurring abuse at the hands of a teaching assistant, who lacked the necessary skills to manage his needs. Consequently, Ezra became withdrawn and suffered emotional damage. 
Initially, Lauren and her parents believed his refusal to attend school was due to his Autism, but they soon suspected something more troubling. It was not until Lauren directly asked Ezra why he was reluctant to go to school (whilst he was in a very good mood,) that he revealed the abuse he had endured. Fortunately, Lauren took decisive action and removed her children from that school due to the Headteacher’s refusal to fire said employee, opting instead to home educate Ezra and his 11-year-old sister, Kaia. 

During the period of abuse, Ezra, despite enduring trauma, developed a method to regulate his emotions, recognising that the situation was overwhelming him and causing reluctance on attempts to seek help from others. Realising the incredible impact this coping mechanism had on his self-regulation, Lauren and Ezra began teaching it to Kaia. Encouraged by its efficacy, Lauren sought the perspectives of her eldest children, Alys, Koda and Seth and gentle parenting teachers, advocates, and psychologists, whom all praised the idea. And so, the concept of Calming Colours was born; a testament to the creativity and resilience of a young child facing adversity in neurodiversity.